Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Our past to the present day

This holiday season I had the privilege of making jewelry for 2 clients using their treasured family heirlooms.  

For one client we took several pins and a bracelet from Grandmother and Great Grandmother that had been handed down through the generations.  I designed two necklaces; one for Mother and the other for daughter in a style that suited them, yet still honored the vintage pieces.  Using multicolored glass pearls hand-knotted on silk to make the necklace, I added the vintage pieces as the focal point.

Kelly in her vintage necklace

For the second client, I made a classic and elegant necklace which is her style.  A rhinestone brooch of her mothers and elements from her mothers vintage bracelet were used for the focal point.  The base of the necklace is made of cultured pearls.  I also used elements from the bracelet for matching earrings.

Both of these pieces suit the modern woman, yet are a reminder of the loved one that passed on their treasures.  It is a truly wonderful way to connect us to our loved ones; from past to present.

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