Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Evening Wedding

As the temperatures during this past week can suffice, summer seems to bring hot weather, but also travel and weddings. My husband and I have already attended several this summer, and for that reason, I decided that I would put together a few outfits from Zara with a statement necklace from my own L'donna Jewelry collection for a updated take on what to wear to summer weddings. 

On a related note, my daughter Erin introduced me to the Spanish department store Zara this past spring during our travels in Madrid, Spain. I quickly became enamored with its many exciting pieces and vast selection. Zara combines high-quality manufacturing of their garments with affordable pricing, making it one of my new favorite clothing retailers. If only they had more locations in the U.S.!

This L'donna Jewelry statement necklace features a vintage flower pin with chain and pearls, making it very classic and Chanel-esque.

The black dress is perfect with its asymmetrical hem and stays on trend with a cutout back. For a more modern and sexy look, try the red jumpsuit. The necklace, shoe, and bag tie it all together.

I would recommend pairing the red dress with the metallic ankle boots for a more casual affair. This outfit would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, and the necklace truly pops against the red lace dress.

Enjoy the warm summer weather and those weddings!

Susan and Erin