Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Family Memories

Bringing it forward.
Recently, I designed several pieces of jewelry for a client using her mother's vintage  jewelry.  The box had been in a drawer; she was not sure what to do with it.
Candice brought it all to me.  
We discussed what and how she could use it.  She tried on many styles and decided on what she would wear. 
Then I got to work, combining brooches and earrings, adding chain and pearls to make something new with the old treasured pieces. 
She even had me make a special necklace for her sister's birthday.

This is the wonderful part of what I do.  
There is nothing like it; to be able to bring a treasured piece back to life and have it used, instead of sitting in a drawer gathering dust.

Thank you, Candice, for letting me tell your story.
The family

Ellen Lucille, known as Lucy.

Candice in her "new" necklace with family vintage brooch.

Pearl necklace using vintage rhinestone choker and earrings.

Necklace featuring a vintage brooch and earrings. choker length.

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